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A realidade virtual está oficialmente imersa no mundo dos filmes. E agora?

Angela Watercutter (Wired)
"Saatchi’s company has  been working on a piece called Wolves in the Walls, the first chapter of  which is showing this week at Sundance. Adapted from the book by Neil  Gaiman, it’s an experiment in getting viewers to interact with a story’s  protagonist—in this case, a girl named Lucy, who asks them to help her  prove there are creatures living in the walls of her house. Using Oculus’  Touch controllers, she’s able to virtually hand viewers cameras and let  them take pictures. She’s programmed to have different responses  based on what it is the viewers do, and she remembers their various actions for future reference. Unlike the interactions in most narrative VR,  and all movies, Wolves lets viewers participate." 

A interação com personagens é uma das experiências mais interessantes que as produtoras vêm fazendo com filmes desenvolvidos para realidade virtual. Confiram Wolf in the Walls do produtor Edward Saatchi