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#254 - Módulo da estação espacial Tianhe é visto em show aéreo na China

Os chineses apresentaram o módulo central da sua nova estação espacial Tianhe, durante o 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition em Shuhai, na Província de Guangdong no sul da China.

O módulo central (17 metros) irá servir primariamente para controle e gerenciamento da estação espacial e suporte de vida dos astronautas.

crédito: Xinhuanet

Ludovic Ehret (phys.org):
"There is no doubt that China will use its station in a similar way as the ISS partners are using their outpost: research, technology and as a stepping-stone for deep-space exploration," said Chen Lan, analyst at GoTaikonauts.com, a website specialised in the Chinese space programme.
Research institutes, universities, and public and private companies have been invited to propose projects. Some 40 plans from 27 countries and regions have been received, according to state media.
The European Space Agency has sent astronauts to China to receive training in order to be ready to work inside the Chinese space station once it is launched.
A montagem da estação espacial [um módulo central e dois experimentais, pesando 20 toneladas/cada] na órbita da Terra, deve estar completa por volta de 2022.

Terá capacidade de voo autônomo, permitindo que entre 3 e 6 astronautas passem longos períodos de tempo no espaço, conduzindo experimentos de ciência espacial e medicina aeroespacial.

China Daily:
The space station can be used to conduct space biology research and help cultivate fine species, probing disease mechanisms and biological medicine in order to improve people's health conditions.

São Paulo, 10 de novembro de 2018